Lyrics: Nic Jones / Digitrad
THE INDIAN LASS  from Nic Jones

As I was a-walking on a far distant shore
I called at an ale house to spend half an hour
And as I sat smoking, beside me a glass,
It chanced there came by a young indian lass.

This lovely young indian on the place where she stood
I viewed her fair features and I found they were good
She was neat, tall and handsome and her age was sixteen
She was born and brought up in a place called New Orleans.

She sat down beside me and she squeezed my hand
"Kind Sir - you're a stranger, not one of this land"
"And if you've no lodging, with me you shall stay,"
"And dearly I'll love you by the night and by the day".

Well we tossed and we tumbled in each other's arms
And all of that long night I enjoyed her charms,
As I embraced her, oh, this was her tongue -
"Oh you are a sailor so far from your home".

"Oh kind Sir", said this indian, "I pray you to stay"
"And you shall have my fortune without more delay"
"Oh don't go leave me to cross the wide seas"
"For I have enough both for you and for me".

But the day was appointed that we were to sail
To cross the wide ocean and leave her awhile
She says "When you've over in your native land",
"Remember that young indian that squeezed your hand".

And so early next morning we were going to sail,
This lovely young indian on the beach she did wail
I took out my handkerchief and wiped her eyes
"Oh don't you go and leave me my sailor" she cries.

But we weighed up our anchor and away then we flew
And a sweet pleasant breeze parted me from her view
And now that I'm over and taking my glass
I'll drink a good health to the indian lass.

Sung by Nic Jones on "Noah's Ark Trap"