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Click for Nic Jones NIC JONES
Like many folk artists today, Nic has his own space on The Web, but I hope you'll still find my site Selected English Folk Singers to be of some interest. If you have come here following Nic Jones links then hopefully you might find a nugget of information, an interesting cross-link or maybe you might be prompted to seek out a singer from these pages unknown to you – or one you had forgotten about.

Click for Tony Rose TONY ROSE
A beautifully relaxed interpreter of traditional song, with rare warmth and intimacy, Tony Rose made an indelible mark on the British folk scene. He was wholly committed to the grass roots scene, eschewing the seemingly sexier terrain of folk rock bands, modern song and political material that seduced so many of his contemporaries.
Tony passed away in June 2002 shortly after he had begun to re-record some of his early songs. Now we're all hoping some 'lost recordings' can be found and published on CD.

Click for Cyril Tawney CYRIL TAWNEY
Cyril Tawney has been a mainstay of the English folk scene for many years. He is well known both as an interpreter of traditional material and as an excellent songwriter. His songs have been sung by many other folk revival performers, further enhancing his reputation. He is strongly associated with his native region of Devon and Cornwall, and has recorded much material from that part of southern England. The years he spent in the Royal Navy also make him a natural interpreter and writer of sea songs. ~ [Quoted from Steve Winick, All Music Guide]
Sadly, Cyril passed away in April 2005.

Click for Shirley Collins SHIRLEY COLLINS
Shirley Collins's sweet, self-effacing singing keeps her closer to the core of traditional song than many a more histrionic singer. Yet her work has been extraordinarily diverse: she has collaborated with the guitarist Davy Graham, the Incredible String Band, the Albion Country Band and her sister Dolly. [Quoted from Topic website]

Although she does not sing publicly now, her albums are being re-issued and new compilations are being made. Her fine voice for traditional folk may be heard with great clarity on these remastered CDs.

Click for Anne Briggs ANNE BRIGGS
Anne Briggs, a free spirit of the '60s, was also one of the most distinctive and influential singers on the folk scene. 'She was,' writes Colin Harper in his accompanying biographical essay, 'as the best of the music itself was, sexy, wild, mysterious, otherworldly and vulnerable all at the same time.'

Although Anne has not recorded in years (and cannot be enticed to do so), her back-catalogue is fully available on CD.

Click for Trees TREES
I've had a bit of correspondence about the group Trees, about whom few can remember. The more polished Fairport and Steeleye eclipsed them, and they only produced two studio albums and one live one. However, their work is of interest and they are fondly remembered by some.

Click for Bob and Jon BOB BRAY and JON SCAIFE
A short-term collaboration of the highest quality, this one producing a total of two albums on cassette. Bob Bray (voice) and Jon Scaife (guitar) have produced excellent tracks, and I'm not about to let those slip through the net. So they're on the Net. Odering details are given. Bob Bray certainly does the club circuit; not sure about Jon Scaife.

Click for John Goodluck JOHN GOODLUCK
John Goodluck is another artist who is interested in making available on CD some of his early material. Anyone who records Willie O'Winesbury is a good traditionalist! His age, style and folk attributes all fit nicely into this site, so here he is.

Click for Marianne Faithfull MARIANNE FAITHFULL
Interesting because it shows what the record companies were prepared to get up to in the name of profits. Marianne, unlike Donovan, didn't write songs in those far-off days, and it is interesting to see what 'folk' material she was given to sing. I feel I can get away with saying she was the original 'folk babe' (Is it politically correct to use that term ?) She had a really sweet voice then. A hugely detailed French fansite once existed, but that seems to have disappeared. Recently she has worked herself into a frazzle starring in the Barbican production of The Black Rider. You're a year old than me, Marianne – retire !

Click for Jane Threlfall JANE THRELFALL and CARL HOGSDEN
An easy discography for Jane and Carl, and a good one-off collaboration. A matter of quality rather than quantity. Jane also sings with her sister Amanda and does gigs and festivals but I don't know much about her studio work.

Click for D and T Arthur DAVE and TONI ARTHUR
More influential folkies who had TV exposure doing stirling work with song and dance for youngsters, including the category called pre-school in the age when state nursery education for all was just a gleam in T.Blair's eye. Early work has been re-issued on CD, but I know my discography is far from complete. I'm working on it.

Blasts from the past, I've put Frank and John together because I have them together on the one album I have of their singing. However, I, and countless others, will remember John Pearce and his Hold Down A Chord series for learning folk guitar (and also dulcimer). It didn't do me any good, but I'm sure that wasn't John's fault.

Click for Peter Bellamy PETER BELLAMY
The late Peter Bellamy was a folk singer like no other. His discography is hugely complicated, at least I thought it was, but the 3-CD retrospective box-set Wake The Vaulted Echoes and its thick booklet sorts everything out. Some material though is still out-of-print and likely to remain so.

Click for Bert Lloyd BERT LLOYD
A.L.Lloyd, or simply 'Bert' is the father of English Folk, co-writer of The Penguin Book Of English Folk Songs so how could he not be on my website? His discography isn't very sizable, though, and few re-issues available.

Click for Sandy Denny SANDY DENNY
Thirty years on from Sandy Denny's tragic death the BBC Radio broadcast a retrospective of her recording career. This has prompted me to put Sandy here on my website amongst the other wonderful singers who can no longer perform for us. Naturally there's lots to see of Sandy on You Tube, going way back to black-and-white TV footage. My page for Sandy gives some of these interesting links. Incidentally, Sandy's daughter Georgia has twins of her own, a fact not always highlighted on the various Sandy Denny websites.


    More artists from my site as it was around year 2000. I ought to update all the following entries, (and listen to their new releases!) but I haven't had the time. Here they are...

    Click for Vikki Clayton VIKKI CLAYTON
    A very nice discography of songs and styles building for Vikki Clayton and her partnership with other fine musicians. She regularly appears at the annual Fairport Convention gathering and that alone has given her good visibility. Very worth collecting.

    I do know Cara Dillon is Irish, so please don't write. The English in my website title refers to the fact that the singers sing in English (as opposed to strong dialect, gaelic, etc) and that the ballads sung are predominantly English in origin. Glad to clear that up. Cara has a quiet sweet voice and her career has started with very good reviews all round.

    Click for Hilary James HILARY JAMES
    Folk and folk–meets–blues and other variations on a theme, mostly to do with exotically-shaped mandolins. I have fallen behind in collecting her albums and it looks as though her collaborations with Simon Mayor and other mandolin artists are getting exciting reviews.

    Click for Kathryn Roberts KATHRYN ROBERTS
    Another talented folk person who emerged towards the end of the last millennium. I must collect more of her work. So much to buy, so much to listen to, so little time. Where will it all end? Kathryn has done lots of experimenting (with Sean Lakeman etc) with trad folk, folk-rock and contemporary folk. Her fabulous voice copes with all styles.

    Click for S and N Kerr SANDRA and NANCY KERR
    Nancy and Sandra are currently sharing the same page but please don't expect much info on Sandra because I simply haven't got much, except that, as everyone knows, she "did" Bagpuss (tunes, singing, voice of Madeleine). The newer releases are the Nancy Kerr collaborations, either with Sandra, or with Eliza Carthy or with James Fagan and these CDs are all listed. New energy for international touring etc.

    Click for Jo Freya JO FREYA
    Folk singing, folk bands, Ceilidh bands, projects with sister Fi.... I must get to grips with the discography of this talented folkie. Jo's output has been through the ever-changing groups Blowzabella and Token Women, the first with dance music influence from British, French, Flemish, and Macedonian sources, the latter with a British ceilidh tradition. The Old Swan Band and the Freya-European Women's Band, and Tanteeka are all in the frame too. Confusing thing, folk music.