The decade of 1970 was very much the Summer Solstice for English Folk – Welcome !  I started this site in 1997 to feature folk singers whom I thought to be influential in the 70s and 80s and who weren't much in evidence on the Web.

    The majority of songs on Selected English Folk Singers are traditional songs and of these the Child Ballads have lyrics on this site – sourced from Digitrad or from Contemplator usually.

    I am in the process of transcribing the lyrics for the remaining songs, though this does seem to be taking forever.

    What this site mainly provides is discography, song notes, and links to other websites specialising in ballads, such as Lesley Nelson's splendid Contemplator site.

    Firstly if you're trapped in someone else's frames, you should click here now.
    This site uses frames so that the content can be constrained into a neat space. Should you want to browse this site without using frames you will get the lyrics in a separate window and you will get the contents of the menu frame at the foot of each page. To go into non-frames mode finish reading this page and then at the bottom simply click the no-frames button.

    Each singer's page appears here in this frame. The whole site is fairly linear and you can step through it all using the the NEXT button near the foot of each page. Where information is sketchy, please email me if you know something about a singer or a song. You can do this from the Mail Me link on the Menu Panel or via the button from the singer's page.

    Also on most singer's pages are the biography buttons. Singer's biographies are available from a number of sources but I've found these two to be good.
    This button takes you straight to MusicWeb for the relevant biography.
    This button takes you to AMG where you type the singer's name to call up the biography.

     In  memory  of  Mary,  who  introduced  me  to  folk  music